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I specialize in the Bride’s Experience. My attention to detail, precision styling, and lasting looks offer confidence as you celebrate your day. My commitment is to the Bride’s needs and prefer the attendants and other special guests’ receive services from other providers. I am here to give you, the Bride, a customized experience tailored just for you.

Bridal Menu of Service

Trial Finish

At least 2 weeks prior to your wedding day, come into Bloom for a two-hour trial run. During this time we will discuss the events planned for the wedding day, explore the look you are hoping to achieve, and try on the style. I recommend, if possible, to have your makeup trial and dress fitting also scheduled for that day so you’re able to see the whole picture. Having a friend photograph you outside is another great tool to see the finished product. (If an additional Trial Finish is required the price remains the same. | 150

Rehearsal Dinner Styling

Prior to your Rehearsal celebrations, come into Bloom for a PRIMING service before Saturday morning. This styling includes, wash and blow dry utilizing the appropriate KEVIN.MURPHY products to achieve optimal results the next morning. Styling includes a full finish with the hair being left down. Because this service offers a base for the wedding day, soft styling is recommended for ease in the morning. Should you choose to opt out of the Rehearsal Dinner Styling, I recommend purchasing the BRIDAL.PRIME.KIT for you to properly prime your hair prior to your Bridal Formal Finish. The KIT includes, mini sizes of KEVIN.MURPHY WASH & RINSE, and one PRIME product best suited for your hair needs. | 85

Bridal Formal Finish

Day of the service! Arrive with your hair dry and ready for the day, either left from your Rehearsal Dinner Styling, or PRIMED per our consultation during your Trial Finish. We will complete the look, leaving you feeling glamorous and confident just as every Bride should.  | 150

On-Location Bridal Formal Finish

Traveling to your hotel suite or home can make your Wedding Day effortless and simple. We will complete the look based upon our Trial Finish and your hair will be dry and ready for styling based upon my specifications. | 250

Bridesmaids/Mothers/Flower Girls/Special Guests

Your wedding party is an important component to the Wedding Ensemble. The important women in your life should arrive to their service with clean/dry hair. Oil, heavy applications of stale product, or an abundance of dry shampoo can great inhibit the effectiveness of her style. Clean/dry hair gives me control to manipulate the hair to the best of my abilities. | 100

Second Look

Many brides love to change their look for the reception. Romantic, soft down looks are popular for the ceremony where a more playful style pinned up for the reception allows you to dance the night away with ease. This look requires an on-location service which requires a customized cost. Ask during your Trial Finish if this is something you’re interested and a quote will be offered following your appointment. | Consultation


Payment is required at the completion of each service. If you, the Bride, are gifting your Bridesmaids/Mother/Flower Girl/Special Guest’s hair service, one payment may be accepted for all services received day of the Wedding. | Cash/Check