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About Christine

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When I was around 7 or 8, I remember asking my stylist where she got her clips because I wanted some.  She looked at me dumbfounded and responded with, “Why?”  I really had no idea; all I knew was that I wanted everything she had.  I was never one of those kids who cut and colored Barbie; I more quietly observed in awe and sought reasons to be at the salon for hours.  When I was in college for History and English, I was the resident hair and makeup expert on my floor.  I spent more time getting everyone ready rather than myself.  After graduation, I worked for a financial firm and felt very uninspired.  I got a part time job at a local salon and would daydream behind the desk because I wanted to be the person behind the chair.  I enrolled in beauty school 10 months later at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness here in Milwaukee.  For the first time in my life, I knew my purpose.  I knew what I was to do.  Before graduating I was hired at Neroli Salon and Spa.  I grew there as a stylist and an individual for nearly six years.  I quickly learned after less than a year professionally, I had a severe allergy to hair color.  This drove my focus strictly in precision cutting.  My passion lies in creating the perfect cut for your needs and lifestyle.  Being a cutting specialist allows me that focus and attention to detail.  I discovered my passion for educating fellow stylists.  I earned certifications within the Aveda network and the opportunity to work next to some of the industry greats.  Through my professional growth, I knew it was time to branch out on my own.  I opened Bloom, February of 2013 and will never look back.  Owning my own spot and doing something I love has given me a blessed life.  Bloom allows me to truly customize my services and time with my guests.  The entire process is with me, from booking your appointment to purchasing product.  The space is quiet, peaceful and intimate where 100% of the time, my focus is on you.  Bloom has given me the opportunity to provide service in the manner I believe.  My goal as a stylist is to cultivate your beauty from the inside out.  I believe when you feel confident in your appearance, it ignites something on the inside as well.  You begin to radiate joy and happiness.  These strong emotions are contagious to those around you.  True beauty lies within us all, and my goal is to enhance that.